Now offering POP Pilates Positivity party's in your own home! 

Too bussy to get to the gym? Want to workout in the comfort of your own home or garden? Want to kick-start your health and positivity journey with friends? Need accountability or just need a fun relaxing evening to unwind?  


A fully qualified POP Pilates instructor can give you a Positivity Party tailored to your specific needs. Just round up a group of friends who want to improve their health and fitness, loose weight, create a positive self image and learn to LOVE their bodies!  




A typical party consists of a 45 minute POP Pilates routine, at an intensity level of your choice, to target all the muscles in your body, burn fat and increase confidence and energy levels. A 15-30 min meditation to calm the mind and enjoy feelings of wellbeing and balance after POP Pilates. We finish the meditation with a series of positive body affirmations to leave your feeling confident and beautiful! You will be given a series of daily POP Pilates exersizes you can do in your own home to keep the positive energy and endorphins flowing and HUGE discounts to POP Pilates classes in Liverpool.  

Optional massage or Swedish massage for extra £20 pp 


3 -10 people per party providing there is enough space, alternatively we can create a POP-up studio somewhere convenient or nearby.  

A £45 deposit is required to secure your booking  


Minimum of 3 people  

3-5 people -£15 each  

6 -8 people £12 each  

8-10 people £10 each  

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