What do I need to bring/what should I wear?

Yoga mats are provided for every class but you are more than welcome to bring your own if you prefer, you should bring a bottle of water, something to tie long hair back. 
Wear something comfortable that you can move and stretch in like leggings or shorts, t-shirt and a sports-bra,active-wear is ideal.

Can I come to a class if I am a beginner?

YES. POP Pilates is perfect for beginners as you don't need any experience at all, you will be instructed to do the moves to the best of your ability and options are always given to make things harder/easier for all different levels. 

Can I come if I am pregnant?

Yes, if your doctor tells you its OK to do physical exercise, all the moves can be made safe and accessible for pregnant ladies but like all exercise, you should check with your doctor.

Can I come if I have an injury? 

Yes, if you check with your doctor first. POP Pilates can be beneficial for lots of different injury's and options or alternatives will be given for all the moves to make them accessible, just make sure you tell the instructor about any Injury's before the class starts and remember that fitness instructors are not doctors or physiotherapists.