POPFLEX reveiw

So as a fitness instructor I need lots of lovely activewear that will kepp me comfatble and secure while teaching, I only ever buy POPFLEX, it was designed by Cassey Ho, the creator of POP Pilates, so what could be more perfect for POP Pilates? I love POPFLEX becuse it conftable, durable and beautiful, its hard to find activeweaar that is both gourgeous and practical but POPFLEX does both. Here is my feedback on the POPFLEX I own. 


I have the Pointe leggings in both black and white, they have alwys washed well and never sagged, even the mesh still looks great and I have worn these SO much. I tend to wear the black ones more as they are much easier to keep clean and dark coulouts tend to be more slimming so as much as I am in love with the white leggings I havent worn them as much as I expected to. 
I love the deitail at the bottom of the leg and the mesh really does keep you cool (and looks super sexy) they also have pockets which is unusual for leggngs and thy fit my Phone in perfectly. The only thing I am unsure of with these leggings is the waist line, they cut off a little bit too low and can give you  bit of a muffin top if your a little bloated. but other than that they are super comfortable and flattering. I wear these leggings to my classes but also just around and about, they are so pretty and comfortable its hard to wear anything else, I even pair them with boots in the winter! 

Sports bras 

Pull on my heartstrings bra

I diddn't like this bra when I first saw it as it looked too much like a regular bra but I have grown to love it, I especially like it paired with the Victorious Tank top, it seems they where designed to go together. If you have big boobs this is probably not the bra for you as it was made for smaller breasted ladies, I am quite flat chested so this gives me just the right amount of support and makes me feel super elegant, I am IN LOVE with the string detail on the back!. Its probably the most comfortable POPFLEX bra in my opinion and I actually have a hard time wearing normal bras now as they are so uncomfortable in comparison, I wear this bra s a regular bra pretty often! I have both the Dark Bloom nd Peony collection and they are a little different, the Dark Bloom bra is a little lower cut and tighter so you are advised to size up when buying from Dark Bloom but I wear a size 4 in both and just take the removable cups out if I'm jumping around or want to show less cleavage.. 

Eleanor Wright